For what do you need an interior designer?

They adjust your individual vision of budgetary conditions and functional investment. They create visualizations in which you can make conscious choices about the nature of your interior. Thanks to their knowledge of the market you will save time and money. On your behalf they coordinate the work of the contractors during the project.

  • The project of the Apartment Merint Village in Wisła

    This project included a selection of all the elements of the interior furnishings, fashion accessories and decoration. For any designer is a unique pleasure...

  • The cosy space

    Due to the location of an apartment building, we wanted to create a warm and homely atmosphere that will encourage you to relax after a day on the ski slope.

  • The colours of the nature

    The setting, which through the glazing breaks into the interior, was the main inspiration for the colour palette used in the apartment.

  • The lighting

    The main element of any interior is lighting. Due to the not so very large height of the apartments, we decided to design a shallow, suspended ceiling with rectangular, dark niches that are the backdrop for the raw housings.

  • A moment of relaxation

    The comfortable sofa and armchairs give the possibility to arrange any lounge. The soft fabrics enable to rest.

  • Box

    In the central part of the apartment we designed a multifunctional furniture. The kitchenette smoothly passes in the bookcase with television. On the other side there is a place for a practical seat facilitating the change of the wardrobe.

  • White bedroom

    Big wardrobe has been varied with a wooden niche hiding the eco-friendly fireplace.

  • Marbled bathroom

    Beautiful Italian tiles have been situated on the walls without the decors and design accents. Drawing of the tile is enough to get the luxurious feel of the interior.

  • Several functions in one interior

    Our idea for an interesting division of space is a transparent panel that cleverly divides the dining area and the living room.

  • Glamour Hallway

    Quilted seat and back are the attractive feature of a small interior hallway.

  • Privacy

    Screen dividing the space provides a sense of privacy and serenity. Even for the charming householder.

  • Classical elegance

    Emphasise the long hallway with enamelled archway, which divides space into functional areas.

  • Beauty Salon in Brzesko

    Idea of the interior was to create an elegant, slightly stylized space that meets all functional requirements of customers and staff.

  • Detail

    Crystal tassels and furniture handles impart a luxurious character.

  • Cracovian apartment

    Kitchen with the views of Manhattan in Cracovian apartment.

  • The geometry

    The idea for this interior was to design geometric forms that give the bathroom individual character.

  • Hide-and-seek

    Veneer wall hides in its monolithic structure the door to the bathroom.

  • Gold bathroom

    Interior design is our passion, small space of the bathroom was the challenge for us. The original solutions have permitted to create a luxurious room for a bath.

  • Warm minimalism

    With only a small amount of funds we created a unique composition of tiles.

  • Functionality

    Thanks to the great set-up in space, the bathroom is comfortable in usage.

  • Concrete

    The wall behind the television was covered with a concrete structure that for an enhancement effect was highlighted with LED lights. Thanks to the large height of the interior it was possible to get a spectacular effect.

  • Big glazing

    Tall windows are the great ornaments in the designed interior. They open the space and integrate with the environment. To obtain the required intimacy, we mounted blinds, which allow the penetration of the light from the top.

  • Attic apartment

    Open, high space of the apartment did not require an expansive interference. Veneer solid hides a wardrobe and kitchen buildings. It is the most important and the hardest point of the interior.

  • Invisible shower

    Residents dreamed of the tub, however, they did not want to give up on the shower. With a non-standard approach to the shower cabin appearance, we managed to combine both functions, without reducing the space optically.

  • Brick wall

    A wall above the kitchen tabletop is made from a white-painted clinker. We acquire an industrial effect, which with the brushed structure is warm and cosy.

  • Head in the clouds

    A room for a girl does not need to be pleasant only for a child. Our proposal will also delight adults. A romantic mosquito net decorates and adds lightness to the bedroom.

  • The whiteness

    The white walls in the baby's room are always a good idea. The amount of colourful toys often does not allow you to choose one dominant colour on the walls. (As long as you do not want a pink colour). White is neutral and provides the backdrop for the crazy children's gadgets.

  • Clouds

    The decoration of the bedroom is clouds made of MDF board, painted and decorated with colourful ribbons. A practical idea that allows you to make a quickly change of the arrangement with the growing age of the child.

  • Multifunctional bed

    Crib is also a place for relaxation, a practical container and after unfolded is a full-sized double bed. Such solutions work best when a lot of space matters.

  • The metamorphosis of the pizzeria

    We created a bright and clean interior which is keeping in pastel colours with the blue accents.

  • The shutters

    The blue shutters are the largest interior’s decoration and remind the architecture of the South.

  • Spring

    Graphic is the complement of the project and altogether it creates a coherent whole.

  • The multifunctional space

    We accustomed to planning a space that must fulfil several functions. The small interiors of the living room and the kitchen remained spatial, despite many needs, which have to cope with.

  • Flat for the tall dwellers

    Households are the exceptional people with special growth. While designing this apartment, we had to pay attention to the specific needs of the users.

  • Panel

    Wall in the kitchen was painted with a tabular paint and framed with a delicate strip. In that it enables you to record important events, or allows your child to work freely without loss.

  • The bathroom

    Residents wished for a large sink and a convenient shower cabin. The decorative element is a large mirror and wooden shelves above the toilet bowl’s building.

  • Photograph wallpaper

    Flat hallway has been enriched with photograph wallpaper representing the French Street.